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A few weeks ago the ATprojects Manus Team went to a remote Primary School in Manus to hand over 3 new UD Toilets [see picture] recently constructed by ATprojects as part of a large Australian Government project. The team, including Project Manager Mr David Faunt who had an excellent meeting with the community, who are very pleased with the work completed and the attitude of our construction team. In fact they are a good community for future projects – due to their isolated location, and their attitude towards development assistance.  


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This week we received the project contract to start work on the water and sanitation project at Nokon Village in New Ireland Project. This project is being funded by the Newcrest Tax Credit Scheme and will see the construction of over 90 household toilets and 14 rain water catchments as well as toilets and a water supply at a local school. The project is planned to take a little over 4 months and will be completed by a wash team from ATprojects. The picture below shows two young New Ireland children collecting water from another complete water supply, this time funded by Nautilus Minerials.  

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One of the great things about working at ATprojects is seeing development taking place before your eyes. It only takes small steps to improve someones life, and often its about developing an appropriate technology and training people in how to use it. Our “Round Loo” is just one of the many produces we at ATprojects have designed and developed and in the Eastern Highlands Province there are more than 6,000 families using these improved VIP toilets. The picture shows what CAN be done!

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On Wednesday 9th November 24 community volunteers received certificates of participation in water and sanitation projects in Labur and Buruesuben (Rabahen) Elementary and Kurumut Primary Schools all in the New Ireland Province. The community volunteers learnt a range of basic water and sanitation skills, including making “ATloo” sit-down toilets and installing 9,000lts water tanks. The community volunteers were made up of 12 young females and 12 young males. This training is part of a project implemented by one of ATprojects WASH teams with funding and support from Nautilus Minerals.  

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On Wednesday this week Kurumut Primary School on the West Coast of New Ireland Province held a joint grade 8 graduation and opening of their new toilets and water supply. The WASH project at the school was implemented by one of ATprojects WASH teams with funding and support from the Nautilus Minerals. This school is one of 29 schools that will benefit from this Nautilus Minerals. To date 11 schools have benefitted from this program an are enjoying the improved water and sanitation facilities. 

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The Nautilus Minerals wash program continues to assist rural schools on the West Coast of New Ireland Province . This year a total of 11 school have received both water tanks and toilets, and over 88 community volunteers have been trained in water tank installation and the construction of the ATprojects designed ATloo. While 88 community volunteers sound an impressive number, what is perhaps more impressive is the fact that 50% of these community volunteers are young females. The picture below shows some of these young female community volunteers building timber frame for the ATloo buildings.  

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While everyone in the water & sanitation sector calls for greater involvement from the beneficiaries of these rural projects, all too often this is not done. ATprojects has a very different approach that from its beginning of a project lets young men and women [paid community volunteers] directly participated in terms of both building and awareness activities. Unlike many water and sanitation projects, ATprojects focuses on the end-users needs, including the things that are often forgotten by the larger externally driven programs. Such things as simple as teaching basic carpentry skills that demonstrate that young females can become involved in building projects [see picture] and showing communities how to use a simple improved sit-down toilet. This ‘real involvement’ from the easiest stages of the project has meant that a ‘real’ solution to sanitation problems is being not implemented with the help of the communities volunteers, but is being seen as ‘real’ community projects that are allowing everyone to participant.
One example of this type of community participation was at Metyih Primary School in the Manus Province where during a visit by one of the ATprojects Co-Directors, two older men were seen helping the younger community volunteers cutting some timber. On asking these older men why they were working on the project that day, they replied that they were happy to see the younger men and women in the community doing something positive for the school. This simple but transforming approach to implementing development projects is a corner stone to the success of ATprojects. And while projects may take a little longer to complete the overall outcome is truly meaningful participation, purpose-filled process and humane self-development. And in the words of E. F. Schumacher [small is beautiful] this type of work is the only work truly entitled to be called “good”.


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