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A few weeks ago the ATprojects Manus Team went to a remote Primary School in Manus to hand over 3 new UD Toilets [see picture] recently constructed by ATprojects as part of a large Australian Government project. The team, including Project Manager Mr David Faunt who had an excellent meeting with the community, who are very pleased with the work completed and the attitude of our construction team. In fact they are a good community for future projects – due to their isolated location, and their attitude towards development assistance.  


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NOKON VILLAGE UPDATE 1   Leave a comment

This week we received the project contract to start work on the water and sanitation project at Nokon Village in New Ireland Project. This project is being funded by the Newcrest Tax Credit Scheme and will see the construction of over 90 household toilets and 14 rain water catchments as well as toilets and a water supply at a local school. The project is planned to take a little over 4 months and will be completed by a wash team from ATprojects. The picture below shows two young New Ireland children collecting water from another complete water supply, this time funded by Nautilus Minerials.  

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Here at the National Appropriate Technology Centre we have a new training venue that is a little different, and we think a little better than the rest. It does not provide hotel type accommodation, western style food or easy access to shops, clubs and bars [please note that we do not allow alcohol in the centre] that may distract your course participants.

 It does however provide inexpensive shared accommodation, good PNG style food and an environment that is safe, quiet and promotes learning. It also provides your participants with the opportunity to see and use a range of technologies that are being promoted by ATprojects in its many rural development programs.

 Located about 20 minutes outside of Goroka (and a 35 minute pleasant walk to the Mt. Gahavisuka National Park), the centre can accommodate 24 people (we can fit in a few more!), with a large classroom / meeting area and spacious dinning area. Set in the heart of beautiful surroundings the building demonstrates many of the technologies and materials used at the centre. For example the building is supplied with electricity 24 hours a day by the centre’s pico hydro power plant,

 Also if required it is also possible to hire our well equipped workshop to support the more practical aspects of a training program. We are also able to help you run your training by providing experienced trainers in a number of areas, for more information just contact us when making your booking. So if you are looking for a training venue that is away from the noise and distractions of an urban environment, our facility could be what you are looking for.


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