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When installing toilets and other sanitation facilities in schools it is also vital that students are taught the importance of the correct use of the facilities. Marina Schkot Casas, a gender advisor on holiday ing Papua New Guinea from Spain, helped ATprojects over a two two week period [with our staff] to teach basic health and hygiene and also a range of topics of surrounding HIV/AIDS and STIs to nearly two hundred grade nine students of Gahuku High School. Miss Casas taught the students on the correct use of the toilet facilities and other basic general hygiene. Under ATprojects WASH program six toilets, three for girls and 3 for boys were built in the school and we also installed two 9000 litre tuffa tanks. ATprojects would like to thank Oxfam New Zealand for your generous support to this WASH program in the Eastern Highlands Province. 



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An ATprojects’ Senior Engineer [see picture – second from the right] recently travelled to the Solomon Islands to attend a training program which was conducted by International Union of Conservation and Nature (IUCN). The training focused on equipping technical Pacific Islanders who are already skilled on the use of renewable energies such as solar, wind and hydro. Nagasi Namui spent two weeks in Bulelavata Islands which is in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. He was among 30 of the other participants from the neighbouring Pacific Islands including Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa and the host country. Mr Namui was very impressed with the skills he obtained from the training and he said he is willing to share the skills he learnt from the training and contribute to the National Government’s vision 2030 for every person in Papua New Guinea to have access to electricity. ‘‘In PNG only about 13% in Papua New Guinea consume electricity while 85% of the populations mainly in the rural areas of the country do not have access electricity. Despite the fact that we have a lot of fast flowing rivers and creeks and other natural resources, we lack skills and knowledge to use renewable energy to create electricity. He said the training he received on micro-hydro is a bonus to skills he already acquired and added that he is now confident that he can design and construct one and also able to carry out maintenance on ATprojects existing hydro. The training was funded by UNAID and implemented by IUCN an international NGO which is based in Fiji.

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ATprojects has recently installed a girls’ washing facility at Gahuku High School in the Goroka District of Eastern Highlands Province. The washing facility which is part of a larger water and sanitation project is equipped with a shower bucket and a 1,000 litre tuffa tank for girls to fetch water and have a wash when they have their menstruation period. As often experienced in many schools girls normally leave or skip classes when they see blood stains on their skirts or clothes. So to prevent such incidences girls were taught on the use of the washing facility and how to become better prepared when going to school. The project is part of the WASH program funded by Oxfam New Zealand. The construction of the girls’ washing facility in Gahuku High School was still in progress when this picture was taken.  

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