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On Monday this week an ATprojects WASH team was working in New Ireland Province as part of a program to improve the water and sanitation in schools on the West Coast funded by Nautilus Minerals. The program also includes health & hygiene training and the picture below shows young students at Rabehen Elementary School demonstrating the 5 basic steps of hand-washing.



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ATprojects’ staff has each received three new uniforms a week ago. The new khaki uniforms was bought in Lae. ATprojects iRAMP Senior Project Officer, John Nekints, says the uniforms are of great help to the project officers who travel out of the province on business. Mr Nekints says he is happy with ATprojects management for issuing the uniforms as it will also help him do his work especially when working in such place as the airports as his job requires him to travel remote airstrips in the country.


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Recently the Innovative Rural Airstrip Maintenance program (iRAMP) carried out another successful refuelling trip to rural airstrips in Enga and Jiwaka provinces. For two of the airstrips in the Jimi area of Jiwaka province refuelling was done by road. According to the ATprojects iRAMP Senior Project Officer John Nekints it was a tough trip for his team to reach this airstrips due to the bad road condition. Mr Nekints says it was a very challenging trip as they had to lay logs over some of the bridges in order for the truck carrying fuel to pass. He says his team were able to reach the two remote airstrips (Kol and Koinambe) due to the dry season because in the wet season these roads are impassable.


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At ATprojects it all about team work and how we can all contribute to the success of the organisation. Part of the ATprojects Water and Sanitation (WASH) program team have started a new work plan this week before the implementation of the WASH project at Gahuku High School in the Eastern Highlands Province. The project which is funded by Oxfam New Zealand and will involve the installation of ATloo toilets, girls’ washhouse and water tanks. But just as important as these assets will be the Health and Hygiene training that will also take place over the next few wells, including female hygiene training for the older female students.


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Anyone who has stayed at the ATprojects guesthouse would remember having freshly cooked pancakes topped off with local PNG honey, but not everyone knew that the honey was harvested for bee hives located around the Centre. While we currently only have a small number of hives but our aim is to have 40 hives located around the Centre and produce honey not only for the Guesthouse, but also to sale.


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Care seeks other sources of electricity to power their operation. Care has engaged Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship (CRMF) in Goroka to install solar energy at one of their sub station’s in Menyama, Morobe Province. And ATprojects was asked to construct the large solar frames and solar panel stand, since ATprojects is a leader in green energy. The three solar panel stands are over eight metres and with cater for six 250 watt solar panels. CRMF Workshop Manager is very pleased with quality of work ATprojects is doing. He said the frames and stands can withstand earthquakes and also avoid thieves from sealing the panels.

Dominic Sainot, Information Technology Officer for Care said their organisation is looking at other sources of electricity to power their remote office in Menyama. Mr Sainot said they have been using generator for the past years, however with the deteriorating road condition linking Lae and Menyama it’s costly to transport fuel. He said the generator uses about three 44 gallon diesel drums in a week which is quite a fortune. Solar is the next best option for the organisation in terms of electricity. Mr Sainot said they will be moving the materials to Menyama next week and installation will be made on the 26th of this month. He thanked ATprojects for the construction and their expertise in solar, adding installation of solar panels at the Menyama will cut down all the hassle of transporting fuel.


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Over the past month or so we have been very busy in our Guest House [see picture], during the Goroka Show we had a full house and this was followed by a number of courses and weekend guests. Its good to see people visiting the Centre and enjoying the wonderful environment we have here. Anyone wishing to visit us can ring on 7292-5429 or e-mail


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